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Behind the Mic: A Look at My Guest Appearances in Podcasts and TV Shows

Updated: Jan 8

Media - Annie Trujillo SLC Realtor

Are you curious about what I have to say on various topics related to my work, life, and passions? Do you want to hear me share my insights, opinions, and stories with different audiences and hosts? If so, you will love this section of my website, where I showcase some of the most interesting and engaging podcast, TV, and radio guestings that I have done. Here, you will find links to the episodes where I have been featured, along with a brief summary of what we discussed and why you should listen or watch. Whether you are looking for inspiration, entertainment, or education, you will find something that suits your taste and mood in this section. So, go ahead and explore the podcast, TV, and radio guestings that I have to offer, and let me know what you think!


Annie Trujillo SLC Realtor

Now We’re Cooking With…Electricity

This podcast is an episode of Electrify This!, a series that explores the movement to electrify everything as a core strategy to decarbonize and revitalize all sectors of our economy. The podcast discusses the climate and health impacts of cooking with gas stoves, and the benefits of switching to electric cooking appliances, such as induction stoves. The podcast features three guests: a pediatrician, a professional chef, and a real estate agent (Meeeee!), who share their perspectives and experiences on the topic. The podcast is hosted by My good friend, Sara Baldwin, the director of electrification at Energy Innovation, a policy and technology research firm.

The podcast is about 40 minutes long, It was aired last October 20, 2021, it is informative, engaging, and inspiring for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to cook clean and green. You can listen to the podcast on this link.


Annie Trujillo SLC Realtor

Autumn Extravaganza - American Dream TV

This is a video with Sharla Ellis, host of the American Dream TV. The video is about 4 minutes long, it showcases the stunning scenery and attractions of Utah in the autumn season, such as the mountains, the fall colors, and the festivals. The video is a great way to learn more about Me, as well as to see some of the amazing places that Utah has to offer. Watch it here.


Annie Trujillo SLC Realtor

The Nova Show: Real Estate Records

I’m thrilled to be on The Nova Show, the podcast that dives into the stories and passions of amazing people. Tristan Hammett is the host of this show, and he invites me to talk about my life, work, passions, and adventures. This episode is fun, inspiring, and challenging, so I hope you join us and listen to our conversation!


Annie Trujillo SLC Realtor

Top Producer Success Stories

I was featured on this episode of the Productive Agent podcast. The host, Rob Aubrey, sits down with me to uncover the secrets to success in the dynamic world of real estate. I shared my story, Strategies and tips on hoe to thrive in this competitive and challenging field.

Our conversation is available at the link. Check it out!


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