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Insulating Your Salt Lake City Igloo (a.k.a. Home) Because Nothing Says “Warm and Cozy” Like a Well-Insulated Ice Block

Insulating Your Salt Lake City Igloo

Welcome to another frosty edition of Hump Day Home Hacks! Today, we’re tackling a topic near and dear to every Salt Lake City resident’s chilly heart: insulating your home for Utah winters. Because let’s face it, folks, winter here isn’t just a season—it’s a full-contact sport involving snow shovels, frozen car keys, and the occasional slip 'n slide down your icy driveway.

Step 1: Channel Your Inner Yeti:

Before you start insulating, put on your warmest woolly socks, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and channel your inner Yeti. You’re about to become the insulation superhero your house deserves. 🦧

Step 2: Gather Supplies:

  • Bubble Wrap: Not just for popping! Line your windows with bubble wrap to keep the cold out and your sanity intact. Plus, it doubles as a stress-relief activity during those long winter nights.

  • Duct Tape: The Swiss Army knife of home improvement. Use it to seal gaps around windows, doors, and any other mysterious portals that seem to let in drafts from the Arctic Circle.

  • Thermal Underwear: Because nothing says “home improvement” like doing squats in long johns while stuffing insulation into your attic.

Step 3: Insulate Like a Pro:

  • Attic: Climb up there like a squirrel on a mission. Lay down some cozy blankets, old sweaters, and maybe a few rejected holiday fruitcakes. Voilà! Instant insulation.

  • Crawl Spaces: If your crawl space is colder than your ex’s heart, insulate it with foam boards or spray foam. Bonus points if you do it while humming “Let It Go” from Frozen.

  • Windows: Bubble wrap time! Cut pieces to fit your windows, tape them up, and enjoy the view through your new frosty kaleidoscope.

Step 4: Test Your Insulation:

  • The Snowball Test: Throw a snowball at your walls. If it bounces back, you’ve nailed it. If it sticks, well, you might need more bubble wrap.

  • The Polar Bear Test: Invite a polar bear over for tea. If it compliments your cozy abode, you’re golden. If it growls and asks for a heated blanket, you’ve got work to do.

Step 5: Celebrate!

  • Host an Igloo-Warming Party: Invite friends, neighbors, and that guy who always wears shorts in blizzards. Show off your well-insulated home and serve hot toddies in ice cube glasses.

  • Write a Thank-You Note to Your Bubble Wrap: Because it’s the unsung hero of your warm, toasty existence.

Remember, fellow Salt Lake City dwellers, a well-insulated home is like a big, snug hug from a woolly mammoth. So go forth, conquer the cold, and may your winters be as cozy as a marshmallow in a cup of cocoa. Stay warm, my friends! 🏠❄️🔥

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any polar bears, yetis, or frozen fruitcakes that may appear during the insulation process. Proceed with caution and a sense of humor.


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