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Know Before You Go - Avalanche Safety Awareness

As many of you know, the first 10 years of my adult life were spent in the mountains. I was not only a guide and working my way through the American Mountain Guides Association programs but I also attended and taught many avalanche education courses in the Eastern Sierra. Having spent my life in the mountains and watched many friends and acquaintances perish, avalanche education is very near and dear to me. Last year was terrible here in the Wasatch and many folks integral to the outdoor community did not make it through that season of dangerous snow conditions. I personally did not ski at all after the Millcreek incident as the effect was traumatizing and sobering. We're beyond lucky to live among some of the best snow in the world. However, snow play should be taken seriously, especially considering 2020 saw 37 people die as a result of an avalanche, and 26+ fatalities is the U.S. yearly average. (You can click HERE and HERE for more on statistics.)


A good friend of mine, Tony Pavlantos, was at my house one day trimming some trees (hit him up, he's thoughtful and excellent at tree work!) and I got to talking to him about the nuances of owning your own business, and then client appreciation events. In the winter he not only owns a company that dedicates their energies to creating innovative avalanche safety gear but he also spends his winter teaching avalanche clinics and classes. I asked if he would consider hosting a Know Before You Go (KBYG) avalanche seminar to get the season kicked off and he was stoked. Because I can't seem to make anything too simple I decided to go big. We're renting out a brewery, offering food and drink and as a crescendo we decided to reach out to local businesses and the outdoor industry to see if we could put together a raffle to benefit the Utah Avalanche Center to boot (spoiler alert: the raffle prizes are trickling in and they are awesome).

I am beyond thrilled to host this event and if it's a success I want to make it a yearly event, something that people can rely on and look forward to every year to get their winter season started.

This is a client appreciation event but I really would like everyone to benefit from it. If you would like to participate please reach out to me personally and I can check to see if we have room for you and your friends:


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