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About us!


Annie Trujillo

I am a New Mexico born, California bred, Utah convert. I spent 10 years as a mountain guide in the mountains of California and I have found that Real Estate is basically the same job in a lot of ways. I lead people through a transaction, I explain the process, I provide the resources, and if it's dangerous I get them out of there. If everything goes well along the way then we "summit" i.e. we buy a home. I find my work incredibly rewarding. I have a passion for connecting with people, as well as a passion for negotiation, and obviously for homes in general! Additionally I am a top producing agent in my office and I've sold more than 100 homes to amazing people around the valley. In 2020 and 2021 I made the Top 500 Realtor list. 


 Corinne Edwards - COO

Corinne came from the travel industry where she planned, organized and executed high-end adventure trips all over the world. She has traveled extensively, scouting far corners of the globe, building international partnerships and crafting immersive itineraries. With a work ethic forged out of pure steel, she is an absolute wizard of organization, efficiency, planning, and execution. She is the reason that anything gets done around here and you will certainly be interacting with her when you work with Salt Town Realty. 


Penny the Dog - CFO

Penny is the Chief Fun Officer of Salt Town Realty and is around to keep it real. She gets me outside, keeps me active and keeps me company. She is probably the reason I am often on the trails when answering your calls and emails. She might even be in the back of my car when we're looking at houses. She's pretty patient with my busy schedule but always knows when to bring me back to ground level when I've floated off. It's important to have people around like that. ;)


Templin the Dog - Intern

While Penny is the guru prone to moments of long eye contact, extended crotch sniffs, and wandering off trails,  Templin is the tasmanian devil who keeps everyone on their feet. You might catch her flashing her teeth around town with a ridiculous grin, or jumping on you, or forcing your dog to play. You probably won't watch her sitting in the back of my car while showing homes however as she can't quite be trusted around seatbelts yet.  

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