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Outdoor Mavens is a female-led, queer-owned outdoor adventure company. Based in Salt Lake City, they host all-inclusive adventure trips in the desert southwest. They have recently expanded into offering camping gear rental packages and outdoor skills workshops. Founded in 2020, Outdoor Mavens cares deeply about educating their clients about protecting public lands and creating safe outdoor spaces for all humans to recreate in.

With 10 years of outdoor adventure under her belt, Traci knows how to explore nature in exciting and meaningful ways. She has taken kids on summer trips to the Himalayas, backpacked through the Utah canyons with various groups, and led llama pack trips from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Traci  Salisbury

She believes that being outdoors can help people heal and recharge. That’s why she started Outdoor Mavens in 2020, a platform where people can learn from outdoor experts and gain confidence by going on their outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Mavens is a company that specializes in providing high-quality outdoor gear and apparel for adventurous people. Whether you are into hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, or biking, Outdoor Mavens has something for you. They offer a wide range of products from trusted brands, as well as their line of innovative and durable items.

They are more than just a retailer. They are also a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share their passion and expertise with others. They organize events, workshops, and trips where you can learn new skills, meet new friends, and explore new places. They also support environmental causes and local organizations that promote outdoor recreation and conservation.

With Outdoor Mavens, you can discover the joy of the outdoors and live your best life.

Outdoor Mavens


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