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Local Artist Highlights: 2021 Holiday Edition

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Each year around the holiday season, I love to give gifts to my best clients - wonderful human people who refer me and keep in touch with me. I am wildly committed to hiring not only local artisans but friends and acquaintances when possible. This year was especially grand as I was able to get not only two good friends but clients as well. These two special creatives combined forces to create custom napkins and napkin rings for VIP gifts! The leather napkin rings were stamped with our Salt Town Realty shaker and the napkins were cut from drop cloth and naturally dyed.

Meet the artists and check out their amazing work!


Adam Peters has been working with leather for over 4 years. Typically, he creates custom pieces in the Sheridan style of western tooling. Creating something functional and artistic is his main motivation, also, he really just likes cowboy stuff. Adam resides in South Salt Lake with his lovely wife Caryn and their two dogs. When he's not working in the marketing department at Black Diamond, or creating leather pieces, you'll probably see him climbing somewhere in the western US.

For custom inquiries email Adam at or follow along @broncopeters


I have always known Aja as a metalsmith and have bought a lot of her jewelry in the past. I saw Aja starting to work with textiles which I found so cool. I asked her to create some fabric napkins for me. She made them out of paint drop cloths and dyed them with natural dyes in the little cabin I sold to her and her fiancé.

For custom inquiries visit or follow at @sagehenjewelry


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