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Hump Day Home Hacks - Thanksgiving Edition


Before beginning Thanksgiving prep, pick up depressing home clutter and organize your fridge to make room for ingredients and leftovers. If possible, designate a shelf for Thanksgiving food and make sure it’s empty when you start your meal. Fill it with leftovers when you’re finished. In a week, throw away that shelf because you’ll never eat them anyway.

Give your kitchen surfaces and appliances a wipe down with household cleaner. Get into all the nooks and grooves around your sink and under the grates of your stovetop with a good brush and scraper set. Vegetables need cleaning too. Take some of the food prep load off on Thanksgiving Day by cleaning your veggies the day before. Or better yet, just order some pizza and call it a day.

Clean out your freezer and purchase containers for leftovers. You may need some extra freezer space for dishes that can be made ahead of time and frozen. You can also use your freezer to store ice, which is essential for a good party. Make sure you have enough containers to store and share the leftovers with your guests.

Clean your bathroom and refill your soap dispensers. Give the toilet bowl a good scrub down and squeegee the shower walls and mirrors. Arrange and organize any loose bathroom items around the sink and neatly arrange your toiletries in the shower. If you have a medicine cabinet, tuck away anything you want to keep from curious uncles or aunts who may be tempted to snoop. Or just lock the bathroom door and tell them it’s broken.

Prepare your fireplace for Thanksgiving. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure you have enough firewood and kindling on hand. Check the chimney for any blockages or creosote buildup and clean it if necessary. If you have a gas fireplace, test it to make sure it works properly and safely. Or just light some candles and pretend they’re a fireplace.

I hope these tips help you have a wonderful and stress-free Thanksgiving! 😊


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