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Invest in your soul

had this cool epiphany recently that I wanted to share. Some of you may remember a little Instagram segment I used to do called “Tuesdays in the Twos”. Every Tuesday for years I would film three homes “under three hundred thousand dollars in areas you want to live”. It was kind of a hit and I think people really enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed it best because what appealed to me was building wealth in real estate, the payments on those homes back then were typically hovering around the $1200 mark (therefore probably cheaper than people’s rent at the time) and most of the homes needed some love. So over the years, I watched clients learn how to DIY all sorts of cool projects. I believe I am an investor at the very core of my soul. To the extent that back then I had such a hard time understanding why anyone would buy a home for any other reason than as an investment. Comfort didn’t appeal to me. Fast forward 8 years and I’ve realized I have a new perspective on things. Last February I bought my “big girl” house. This house is lovely and allows me to entertain people, it has great lighting, and an HOA so my chores on the outside of the home are very limited, allowing me to use any free time I may have to go to the mountains instead of doing yard work or cleaning gutters. And since then my clients have changed too. I love watching my clients enjoy their homes….like really enjoy them. Insta photos of feet propped up on patio railings, or flowers planted and blooming, views of every sunset, and dogs enjoying lush backyards. I have been doing a segment recently called “What’s it Cost Wednesdays” and I’ve realized that maybe it’s not the right perspective. While it’s good to see that it is still affordable to buy a home, the payment is only one piece of the puzzle. When you buy a home you will build wealth over time, this is basically just a fact. It doesn’t matter when you buy or really how you buy, or what your payments are, that home over time will increase in value more than any other asset you have. And in the meantime, your quality of life can bloom as well. Enjoying the thing you have worked so hard for, taking care of your greatest asset, learning new skills along the way, hosting friends and family, making children and memories. A home is so much more than an investment and yet always an investment to your future, retirement, and sense of health and well-being. Neat huh! Love you, mean it.


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