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Lock In Your Cost Of Living!

So, one of the reasons I chose to work for Keller Williams is because they have THE most comprehensive education for realtors in the world. They literally received the Top Training Organization Worldwide Award in 2016 and generally rack up a bunch of awards for education and training. From the minute you sign up as an agent you are offered as much training and classes as your heart desires. I have always been a bit on the fence with this stuff. I want to learn the basics but I’m not drinking the Kool Aid. Last summer however I went to a huge KW conference in Austin and I just got back from another one in Anaheim. These conferences are like drinking from a firehose when it comes to information and like the World Fair of networking. It’s a lot to take in!

I wanted to share my biggest takeaway from this most recent conference. That takeaway is: lock in your cost of living. I don’t know about y’all but I personally feel like the current inflation trends are the heaviest hitting in my lifetime. I’m sure there has been inflation before, but maybe I was too young, or not paying attention, or just generally unaffected. These days, every time I go to the grocery store or the gas station I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach! When you buy a home you are doing a favor to your future self. When interest rates hike, rents go up. When the market gets crazy, rents go up. When the market drops, rents go up. When you buy a home, the price will always be the same, your rate can only go down (by refinancing) and although property taxes can go up, you are forever locking in your cost of living. This world is a little crazy and I really believe the best way you can safeguard your future is by investing in a home. But I’m probably a bit biased. Love you, mean it.


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