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Lovely Logan: going live March 24th 2022!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Ok, I know you're not supposed to pick favorites, but this may be one of my favorite listings. There are a few reasons for this. One is that I sold these guys this house in 2019 and they are absolutely the salt of the earth type of people. Cute, young, active, and hard working. The amount of work they did to this house is so friggin' cool. Actually, I think I'll include a picture of the front of the house when they bought it so you can appreciate their dedication to this property how I do. Ok, so, cool clients; check.

Let's talk about location next. I am opinionated (shocking!) and I find this town to be extremely nuanced in terms of location. One wrong turn and you can end up on a surprisingly busy street. Or you end up waiting in 20 stop lights when you're trying to get to the canyon. Or you can be just a little too near a busy corner store or a bus line. But imagine if you found a spot where you are 30 seconds away from a coffee shop. You can walk to Liberty Park or a myriad of different restaurants. What if your house was on a such a quiet street that your dog could hang out on the front porch because all the neighbors knew her? But what if you were also a pretty darn short drive to a freeway entrance or a Home Depot? I'd call that pretty much perfection. And this house is all of those things. Additionally, it has a south facing front porch and literally zero yard work. Jesus, maybe I should just buy it, ha!

Oh, let's talk about the house next. Sometimes these little brick bungalows are a little tight for my liking. This one however has a great layout and lot's of updated useable space. For instance, it has a full fledged dining room space. Like, you can legitimately have a dinner party which isn't something you can always do with 752 square feet. You know what else these little bungalows usually have? Tiny closets. But in this one the previous owners installed this massive mirrored closet in the primary bedroom: problem solved. You know what else these bungalows don't usually have? Any room for crafts or activities; but this one has this amazing taller-than-the-rest-of-the-basement room that is graced with this rad solar system mural that you can use for whatever the hell you want. Working on your bike: yes! Sewing room? Sure! Ski maintenance: why not?? What else...lemme ramble a second: paid off solar panels, a hardwired EV charger on the outside for your electric car, rad cork flooring, updated electrical, and did I mention the south facing front porch? Oh yeah. This house has it all.


Now! How friggin' cute is this house??

CLICK HERE to view all the nitty gritty listing details on this cutie!

Open house on Saturday, March 26 from 11am till 2pm!


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