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Sexy Downtown Livin'

I've got a new listing and it's a sexy little number. Let's start with location. Current is right across the street. Have you been to Current? Or it's little sister bar Under Current? Think fresh-ass oysters, outrageously good bar bites and some of the best cocktails in town. Next door to that? Gourmandise, a french inspired restaurant with the most outrageous made-from-scratch desserts you have ever seen/tasted/inhaled. Across from that? A state liquor store with a great wine selection. 'Round the corner, Salt Lake Power Yoga to work off all those Gourmandise desserts. Down the street? Broadway Theater, Copper Onion. The location just doesn't get better than this.

Ok, let's move on to the condo. You walk in the front door into a little foyer. Take off your shoes, hang your coat in the closet. To the right is a beautifully updated- I'm going to say regal- marble clad bathroom. Big bathtub, great lighting, marble everywhere. You fancy huh. From the foyer a small bedroom is on your left and a master bedroom is ahead. Its got a huge mirrored wardrobe and is plenty big enough for a queen sized bed. 'Round the corner and you are looking into an open concept living room and kitchen. Industrial and exposed pipes and ducts give a super modern feel. Original hardwood floors remind you that you are in a historic building. Updated kitchen with marble countertops and stainless appliances remind you that someone has taken care of this place.

So once you've walked through the living room you will see my favorite part. Turn right, pass the laundry room (uh, yeah, your own laundry room) and there is a BACK DOOR DUDE. The backdoor leads to a little garden area where tenants tent to their own garden box, share garden tools, have chairs and tables set up to chill at. Through a gate and you've reached the parking lot. This means that when you come home to this condo you park, you go through a gate and then into your house. No elevators, no stairs (ok, there are like 4 stairs), no long creaky hallways; you're just home already.

So, schedule an appointment to make this your home already.


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