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The Little Cabin Looking for Love

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

I've got a cabin listing. It's a sweet little nugget; charming, accessible, home grown and cute as a button. People love this cabin and I get constant calls, lots of questions, and so much heartbreak. Here is the story.

Huntsville- one solid hour from Salt Lake City. You are on I15 for maaaaybe 20 minutes before finishing the rest of the drive in Weber canyon and then zooming through the rolling hills on the east side of Snowbasin. No joke, I really feel more relaxed by the time I've reached the cabin. Evergreen Park Road is paved, not too steep and the best part- plowed in the winter time. Consequently many of the property owners live up there year-round.

This cabin was purchased 10 years ago by a good friend of mine who bought it with his young family. He built an addition on the back of the original cabin adding two big bedrooms and a massive family room. He spent the summers up there with his family hanging out and playing music, swimming in Causey Reservoir (10 minutes away) and using the cabin exactly as he had intended: summertime fun.

10 years go by and his family is older, they've changed, grown up and grown apart. And now this cute cabin is ready for a new owner, a new vision and a new way of life.

Here is the catch. While my friend pulled permits and included the county in the process of building the cabin, he never had the final inspection, which means those permits were never closed and he never received the final stamp which allows the property to obtain a certificate of occupancy. When I took on the listing he couldn't remember exactly what the final items had been- it had been 10 years, after all. So, I had the inspectors come out to review the cabin and the list was actually pretty long. I did my best to get contractors and roofers and electricians come out to bid the work and then complete the work but in the end it was just too much time and expense for us to take on.

So there it sits. Because the cabin doesn't have a certificate of occupancy it can't be financed traditionally. This means that most likely it will have to be a cash sale to someone who can afford the updates. In my estimation the inspection items would be around $20K to pay to have someone do the work or $8K in materials if you could do the work yourself. I am attaching the documents from the county for anyone interested.


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