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Third Thursdays!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Pretty stoked about our fun Third Thursday series on Instagram! We know so many amazing people from lenders to contractors, to people in the environmental fields, to title people. We love being able to share them with you and all of their amazing knowledge! On the third Thursday of each month, Annie has a short and interesting interview with amazing folks, and you have the opportunity to ask your own questions if you tune in when we go live. Check out our upcoming, and past guests!


Past Interviews (click the links below to watch!):

Jeff Gauvin, Short Term Rentals

Co-founder of Utah Escapes Vacation Home Rentals, Jeff has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 25 years, from high-end resorts, cruise line work, operating a bed & breakfast and for the past 15 years in vacation rentals. Most recently, Jeff served as Director of Revenue for Utopian LVH in Park City, Utah. Over the past 2 years, Utah Escapes was created as an avenue to pursue his passion, partnering with owners to maximize the ROI on their vacation home investment while maintaining cost efficiency, again to maximize ROI. CLICK HERE to view our chat!

Cole Parkinson, Appraiser

Cole is a licensed real estate appraiser that has worked along the Wasatch Front since 2018. But his earliest appraisal experience came in 1999 at the ripe age of 3, when he accompanied his father on an appraisal inspection. As much as he wanted to hold the measuring tape himself, he was told by his dad, "Don't touch ANYTHING." He appraises residential properties ranging from single family to multi-family dwellings. Cole completes his appraisals quickly and accurately and truly enjoys what he does. CLICK HERE to view our chat!

Jon Strickland, Home Inspector

Jon is the best home inspector around, helping our clients get familiar with their nitty gritty home details, inside and out. Owner and operator of Strictly Inspections, LLC has over 15 years of experience in home building, remodels and property management. He's also a great musician (in a band with his lovely wife, and soon to be joined by their two little family additions!) and friend. There isn't a section of a home Jon hasn't seen and surveyed. CLICK HERE to view our chat!

Spencer Davidson, Escrow Officer

Spencer is our go-to Escrow Officer, and our trusty resource for all things title related (and there are many things)! Real estate transactions are literally not possible without a solid escrow officer involved to assure efficiency and accuracy within all the various parts. Documents, titles, insurance - oh, my! Check out our talk about the many facets of title - why, when, how, and all that jazz. CLICK HERE to view our chat!

Tony Pavlantos, Arboriculturist

Tony is a passionate Renaissance man and entrepreneur (owner of Prival and founder of The Prival Foundation, Know Before You Go avalanche awareness facilitator, former professional snowboarder, clean air advocate: check out his TEDx Talk). One of his many trades is as an arboriculturist! Tony and his company, Arbor Concepts, are Annie's go-to for stellar tree work at her personal residence and rentals. A friend and all around interesting human, he teaches us some valuable tree tips. CLICK HERE to view the chat!

Chris Gleason, Carpenter

Chris is a carpenter, a musician, a cabinet maker and a hell of a nice guy. Also the author of multiple books, including Building Real Furniture for Everyday Life, The Complete Custom Closet, The Reclaimed Woodworker, and many more. Chris even used his cabinetmaking skills on one of Annie's properties, converting an old and boring kitchen into a dreamy and functional (and colorful!) space worthy of magazine features. CLICK HERE to view the chat!

Dara Cohen, Lawyer

She's got passion for estate planning! Dara specializes exclusively in estate planning and probate, and enjoys developing unique solutions and tailored plans for a wide range of estate planning clients, including individuals with extensive or complex assets, members of the LGBTQ community, and young families who need a simple, affordable plan that matches their goals and priorities. Learn helpful tips about wills and trusts - a super valuable interview! CLICK HERE to view the chat!

Brian Male, Landscaper

Landscaping extraordinaire, Brian and his reputable company, Blue Alchemy Gardens, help clients create outdoor living spaces they've only seen in their dreams, from concept to creation. They specialize in custom modern and industrial metal and concrete landscaping design. And in fact, completely transformed the front yard of one of Salt Town Realty's rental properties into a lovely and inviting oasis! CLICK HERE to view the chat!

Koan Builders

Keelan and Dave, the backbones of Koan Builders, provide residential and commercial concrete, carpentry, and excavation services along the Wasatch Front. They expedite projects all the way from raw ground through rough framing; the point at which most other contractors can start working. Fiends of Annie's for many years, it was a pleasure having them join our series! CLICK HERE to view the chat!

Annie & Helena, Interior Design

The creative minds behind Urban Revival Staging. Our go-to staging pros for any listing that needs a top-notch spruce up, or any client that wants a quality design consultation. Annie and Helena have done hundreds of stages across northern Utah, and have been recognized and featured in Salt Lake City’s Parade of Homes.

Reed Rombough, Contractor

Nomad Builders has done majority of all updates and remodels to Salt Town Realty's various rental properties. While an incredible and dependable contractor, Reed is incredibly passionate about energy efficiency and is a guru on how to better any home into being much more efficient. He was kind enough to share tons of easy tips, no matter the budget, to be conscious and aware of how little things (that most of us don't even think about) can be adjusted - not only for the earth's sake, but also for your energy bill.

Devin Parker, Roofer

Owner of Vertex Roofing, Devin Parker, discussed roof maintenance, ongoing considerations for any home owner, and when it's time to replace that old roof! Vertex Roofing has performed high-quality residential roofing, commercial roof maintenance, repairs, roof inspections, and roof replacements in Utah since 2009 and is known as Utah's most trusted resource for all things roofing. CLICK HERE to view the chat!

Donna Patterson, Lender

We refer all of our clients Donna's expert way, not only because she's incredible at what she does - finding the best rates and giving the best advice - but also because she's simply a gem of a human. Finance isn't just her job, it's her passion. She's great at helping clients understand their options for real estate financing and assisting them to make solid home loan decisions that meet their needs. What is credit? How do you get it? How do you lose it? Why should we care? How does it affect home buying? CLICK HERE to view the chat!

Sara Baldwin, Environmentalist

Director of Electrification Policy @Energy Innovation and Host of Electrify This! Podcast | Frmr. VP of Regulatory @Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Senior Policy Assoc. @Utah Clean Energy, and Grid Geeks Podcast host.

In other words; Sara is a badass environmentalist who has been at the forefront of clean energy policy in Utah for 17 years. This woman will don pearls and pumps and march up to the capitol building pushing clean energy policies with the who's who of politicians. She is a true political powerhouse and an absolute gem of a human as well as one of my best friends. :) CLICK HERE to view the chat!

It all started with Gas Ranges.

Over a cocktail one night I was talking to Sara about home buying and that so many clients insist that they want a gas range in their kitchen. Sara spit out her cocktail (ok, not really) and began a fiery speech about the dangers of gas ranges and the gas industry and air quality. Her and her partner have even gone so far as to buy a separate induction cooktop that they have sitting right next to their beautiful gas range. I was like- people need to know about this! And so this guest was born. Sara will also be talking about air quality in general, how to improve air quality in your home and where the industry will be in 10 years.


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