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Spring into Action: The Salt Lake City Homeowner’s Guide to Un-snowing Your Abode!

Updated: May 7

Spring into Action

Spring is here, and it’s time to bid farewell to the snow-capped roofs and icicle-laden gutters of Salt Lake City. But before you jump into the tulip beds, let’s tackle the real thaw of spring cleaning with a chuckle. Here are some “cool” tips to un-snow your home and get it ready for the sunnier days ahead:

Snowman Relocation Program: Those snowmen you built with love are now just slushy squatters on your lawn. Give them a proper send-off with a ceremonial melting or relocate them to your freezer to chill until next winter.

Gutter De-icing Dance-Off: Strap on your dancing shoes and boogie down the ladder as you clear those gutters. It’s a workout, it’s a home maintenance task, it’s a dance craze sweeping the nation!

The Great Salt Lake City Salt-Off: With all the salt spread around to melt ice, your driveway is now a prime spot for margarita glass rimming. Host a neighborhood salt-off to see who can collect the most for next year’s icy battles.

Puddle-Palooza: Those melting snow piles are turning your yard into a mini-lake district. Get out your kiddie fishing rods and have a pretend fishing contest. Biggest catch gets to skip their turn in the spring cleaning relay!

Chimney Critter Eviction Notices: It’s time to kindly inform the family of squirrels in your chimney that winter’s lease has expired. Offer them tiny suitcases and a map to the nearest park.

Window Washing Wipeout: Turn window washing into a game by pretending you’re erasing winter from the other side of the glass. Each swipe is a mini victory against the forces of cold!

Remember, spring cleaning in Salt Lake City doesn’t have to be a drag. With a little humor and a lot of elbow grease, your home will be as fresh as the mountain air. Happy un-snowing!


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