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The Big Why

A concept I learned in real estate early on was “what is your why.” When you get your license you are encouraged to quickly determine what your 'why' is. This helps keep motivation high when working 7 days a week, driving hundreds of miles a day, and interrupting your kid’s birthday parties by taking a call to discuss the implications of old wiring to a client at 2pm on a Sunday. If you have progeny then the 'why' is pretty obvious, and parents are quick to confess many of their motivations in life are generated by their children. But if you are single and childless the question, for me anyway, has become more existential.

Generally I have relied on a simple “helping people” and I have been delighted that over the years that concept has been regularly rebooted by the people I help. From the cute couple that gave a sweet toast at their closing towards gratitude for my help, to the woman whose eyes welled with tears as she reached out to me for a hug during her final walkthrough (I’m not crying, you're crying), to the man who was able to tour his late grandparents house - they lived there for 65 years. He led us through what his grandfather would say when they rang the doorbell and details about his grandmother's cooking, all the way to the room his grandfather passed away in surrounded by family.

These experiences melt my heart and snap me back to exactly why I continue to sell real estate. In this season of gratitude and giving back, I want to thank each and every one of you. The ones who follow and comment, and the ones who buy and sell, and the ones who come to my events so I can continue to see their faces. You are ALL my why and I thank you for everything you contribute. Love you, mean it.


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