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SLC Gems: Murals Around Town

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Salt Lake City is already lucky enough to be surrounded by stunning mountains, but the beautiful murals that continue to pop up around town add to the cultural beauty. We've compiled a list of some of our favorites. Keep an eye out as you stroll downtown for some stunning city aesthetic - we've included a small map below for guidance.

Utah Jazz Anniversary Mural by Trent Call

The busy and bustling mural by Salt Lake City artist, Trent Call, came to life in 2018 in honor of Utah Jazz's 40th anniversary. Spanning 32 feet tall and 109 feet wide, it’s a visual journal of the Jazz’s 40 years in Utah.

SLC Pepper by Jann Haworth

Haworth, an artist associated with the 1960s Pop Art Movement in Great Britain and a current Utah resident, co-designed the cover of The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in 1967. Nearly forty years later, she decided to recreate the piece in mural form with contributions from some 30 other artists and the goal of showing a more balanced crowd — she included more women, influential people and people of various ethnicities.

Imagine by Traci O’very Covey

Located on the large loading dock door on the south side of the Eccles Theater, Traci O’Very Covey’s mural vibrantly asks the viewer to envision all of the possible art, dance, theater, and musical performances. (On a garage door of the Eccles loading dock, so depending on the day, this mural may not be visible if the dock door is open.)

Ave Maria by El Mac & Retna

Also known as “The Madonna Mural”, standing at around 44-feet tall, the giant artwork was created by artists El Mac & Retna in November 2009. The piece portrays a giant painting of The Virgin Mary with a glowing sacred heart against a colorful backdrop. In a halo around her head are Latin words from the “Hail Mary” prayer. The painting lives above Este Pizzeria and celebrates the neighborhood’s Hispanic influence.

Nature of Wisdom by Yvette Vexta

Created by Australian-born artist Yvette Vexta during the course of two weeks in 2017. The vibrant piece painted on a once blank brick wall on the side of co-working space, Impact Hub Salt Lake, spans five stories tall. The supersized owl is perched on brightly colored shapes inspired by the geometry of the salt crystals at Bonneville Salt Flats. Vexta’s work can be found across the world in locations like India, Mexico, Australia, and now, Utah.

The Book Wall by Paul Heath

Tucked away in a small courtyard in an alley between the main street and a parking garage, the wall of books mural proves to be a little tricky to find, but with a little effort, it’s well worth the search for any book lover or street art addict. A row of popular books with spines created to mimic classic, rare, and unique editions. Commissioned by Sam Weller’s Zion Bookstore for the store’s 75th anniversary in 2004, who left the mural behind after rebranding to Weller Book Works and moving to Trolley Square in 2012. The building now houses Eborn Books.

Belief in the Making by Dave Arcade

Local and self-taught Illustrator, Dave Arcade, has a background in graphic design having done work for Google, Nickelodeon, Jack in the Box, Southwest Airlines, Toshiba and Discovery Channel. Commissioned by We Like Small, a digital agency in Salt Lake City, who asked Dave to take their mantra "Belief In The Making" and build a mural around a type treatment based on things they love and things they hate. The art was then printed on large panels and heat-rolled against the brick on the exterior of their building.

All seven murals are located in the downtown area. Here's a peek at exactly where:


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